Làng Tôi is the original distinctive circus creation from the visionary artistic team of Tuan Le, Nhat ly, Nguyen Lan, and Tan Loc.


Collectively they created Lang Toi, which translates to my village. It is a unique circus experience which is neither traditional circus nor t heatre, but a hybrid utilizing acrobats, singers, musicians and Vietnamese culture. The cast takes the audience through a journey of different tableaux and sketches with huge bamboo poles and is presented without an intermission. Director Tuan le pulled from Vietnamese culture and history to build t his show.

In the past everything was linked to bamboo. From life to death, it built homes and villages. I wanted to create a show that was the illusion of village life – workers in the paddy field s, feast s, chores and games.
Tuan Le, Director

Bamboo poles are used to construct the set and are the foundation and platform for the circus acts – contortion, acrobatics and j uggling. The twenty artists tell t heir stories of rural life while five musicians, playing captivating traditional Vietnamese music, improvise to follow the artists on ancient inst ruments. This innovative circus borrows from circus, music, dance, and theatre practices to create a new interdisciplinary art form. Lang Toi is tranquil journey, spirited and poetic.


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